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SYNVISC® Clinical Efficacy

Reproducible Outcomes

The SYNVISC® family of viscosupplements delivers reproducible results in significant pain reduction for up to 6 months, as demonstrated in multiple, randomized, controlled studies1-4

Findings from clinical practice indicate that more of the patients with early and intermediate-stage knee OA had better response to hylan treatment than patients with end-stage knee OA5

Synvisc-One® Clinical Efficacy

In a saline-controlled trial, Synvisc-One delivered superior pain relief over 26 weeks.2

More than 70% of patients responded to Synvisc-One2

Walking pain response rates

Walking osteoarthritis knee pain response rates graph

Greater magnitude of pain relief with Synvisc-One vs. saline control1

Walking pain relief

Walking osteoarthritis knee pain response rates graph

Study Design

  • Prospective, randomized, double-blind multicenter trial of 253 patients who had osteoarthritis of the knee confirmed via recent radiograph and were at least 40 years old.
  • The primary end point was the difference between the groups in the change from baseline in patient-assessed pain as measured by the WOMAC A score (average of 5 questions) over 26 weeks.
  • Patients were followed for 26 weeks. Study visits were scheduled for screening, baseline, and weeks 1, 4, 8, 12, 18, and 26.
  • If a patient had at least mild pain in the injected knee at the week 26 visit, he or she was offered an injection of Synvisc-One and were followed for 4 weeks for repeat treatment safety.

Efficacy Results2

  • The primary end point for the study, the difference between the treatment groups in change from baseline over 26 weeks in the WOMAC A Pain Score, was met.
  • Synvisc-One also demonstrated superiority to saline control in multiple predefined secondary outcome measures, which included Patient Global Assessment over and at 26 weeks, Clinical Observer Global Assessment over and at 26 weeks, and pain while walking on a flat surface (WOMAC A1) over and at 26 weeks.


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